Your Boss is Likely Spying on You

Monday, January 24, 2011 1 Comment

Only in America do we complain that our bosses are watching us. What everyone needs to understand, is the other side of the coin… Companies are hurting; the economy is down, unemployment is up; public image is everything. Your boss has every right and reason to make sure he/she is getting the most out of his/her employees. In addition, they have every right and reason to want to have the best employees working for them that have a good public image -- when you go online and have an online presence, you become a quasi-public figure.

Everyone needs to start being more cautious about how they flap their gums on social media. What you say there is just like saying it out loud in a public square… not everyone needs to know everything you are thinking all the time. And every time you say something, everyone has the right to make their judgment on your words and actions… that includes your boss.

While I do admit that the example used in the story below may be considered overboard… it is the employer's right to do what they feel is best for their business… That's where The Office Software comes in...

January 19, 2011
Your Boss is Likely Spying on You; Civil rights attorney sees uptick in terminations from social media
By Alex Perez, NBC Chicago

For many, it's become second nature to head straight to Facebook or Twitter to complain or gloat about daily life or current events. But with more employers using software to keep tabs on employees, your harmless rant or online search could cost you your job.

"I don't post anything stupid. I'm always aware," said Chicagoan Glen Busch.

He never thought any of his random thoughts on the Internet would cause him any trouble. But that's exactly what he got when he took to Facebook and commented on the shooting in Tucson: Read more ›

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One Comment to “Your Boss is Likely Spying on You”

  1. I agree that companies have the right to monitor employees as long as the employees are within the company premises and during working hours. Employers cannot assure that employee are working properly during working hours that trigger them to engage to employee monitoring using these tools it can help you manage employees easily. It can also help employee to improve productivity, focus on work and organize.

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