Work E-Mail Not Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege

Thursday, January 20, 2011 No Comments

We have been following this story for a while, on both our blogs (this one and Pandora’s Blog). To recap, an employee was fired from her company after it was discovered she was talking to a lawyer about her employer. The problem is, she used her work email to do so.

This is just another reason employers should be monitoring employees at work for corporate security...

January 18, 2011
Work E-Mail Not Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege, Court Says
By David Kravets,

E-mails between a client and attorney are no longer considered privileged and confidential if the client writes the messages from a work e-mail account, a California court of appeals has ruled.

The 3-0 decision Thursday by the Sacramento Third Appellate District means that if you intend to sue your employer, don’t discuss the suit with an attorney using company e-mail. The company has a right to access it and use it against you in a court. Read more ›

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