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A relatively new term coined in the last few years is “Cyber Monday.” This is the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend when millions of people, back at work, go online to do some holiday shopping… It is also probably the single day with the most amount of wasted time at work… Below are a series of articles to celebrate today’s national cyberslacking event, and to remind bosses why it’s a good idea to know how your employees are spending their work day…

November 25, 2010
Half of Employers Monitor Internet and E-mail Use of Employees – Nearly One-Third of Workers Holiday Shop Online at Work
By Career Builders

CHICAGO – As Thanksgiving weekend officially kicks off the holiday season, one tradition that is returning this year is online shopping at the office. Cyber Monday, a term coined by the National Retail Federation for the first Monday after Thanksgiving, will likely be a busy day for Internet use at work. Twenty-nine percent of workers say they have holiday shopped online at work, on par with previous years. Of those planning to shop online this year, 27 percent will spend one hour or more. More than one-in-ten (13 percent) said they will spend two hours or more. Workers should be mindful of their companies’ electronic communications policies, though, as nearly half (47 percent) of companies said that they monitor Internet and e-mail use of employees. This year’s survey included more than 2,400 employers and more than 3,100 workers. Read more › 
November 24, 2010
Cyber Monday & Redefining Acceptable Use – Again
By Dan Lohrmann, Lohrmann on GovSpace

Trevor usually spends about six hours each year shopping online for Christmas presents at the office. A few years back he would save the final step, making the actual purchase, for his home PC. But now he feels comfortable enough to pull out his personal credit card and empty his shopping cart while still on his work PC. Yes, Trevor (not his real name) knows he is violating the formal acceptable use policy. Still, he silently justifies his actions by remembering his excellent performance appraisals. Besides, everyone is doing it... Read more ›
November 26, 2010
Stroud: What's Likely to Happen in Your Office on Cyber Monday
By: Robert Stroud, CGEIT – via cnbc.com

I was putting up bookshelves a few weeks ago when I discovered that the package was a few nuts and bolts short of getting the job done. As a typical time-pressed executive who spends most weekdays on the road, I needed an instant solution. So I called the manufacturers’ 1-800 line, only to find out it was closed on weekends. That’s when my “digital native” son took over. A few minutes of him surfing the web served up the needed info and a trip to the hardware store got it done. Read more ›
November 23, 2010
The Holidays: Is the Boss Monitoring Your Online Shopping?
By Stacey Bradford, Moneywatch.net

Working parents are especially busy during the weeks leading up to the holidays. In addition to our regular family obligations, we often need to clock in extra hours at the office so we can wrap up projects before Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time crunch presents many mothers and fathers with an ethical question: Is it okay to shop online for gifts from our cubicles? It turns out that plenty of folks have no problem hitting online stores during office hours. According to a recent poll by CareerBuilder, 27% of employees plan to spend at least one hour surfing the web for presents. Another 13% intend to waste at least two hours shopping for holiday gifts. Read more ›

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