Facebook at Work?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010 No Comments

This interesting article from a North Dakota newspaper looks at the productivity issue (or lack thereof) that comes up when we look at the allowance of Facebook in the office. A poll on the website asks if Facebook use should be banned at workplaces… 67% say yes!

If bosses used a productivity tool like The Office Software (theOS), they could allow Facebook, but prevent abuse. Thus giving them the chance to harness the power of social networks, while making sure the business isn’t hurt by the privileges afforded to employees.

June 04 2010
Facebook at work: Employers worry about productivity
By: Sherri Richards, INFORUM

Jeff DeLoss, a business analyst at Noridian Administrative Services in Fargo, can’t log on to Facebook at his work computer. Company policy does not allow access to social networking sites on company time.

“I guess I don’t mind it,” he said about the policy, “because I can see room for a lot of misuse on company time.” Read more ›

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