Big Boss Is Probably Watching You – Legally

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We found this interesting article in the Lowell Sun (Massachusetts) that looks at employers’ legal rights to monitor employees basically anywhere in the work place (except the bathroom) and on any computer… and they don’t really have to tell you! With The Office Software, you can monitor your employees in a legal and visible way, and have them actively participate in keeping workplace productivity high.

June 21, 2010
Big Boss is probably watching you -- legally
By Rita Savard, Lowell Sun

The camera Kyle Keady concealed inside a pen was the size of a housefly.

The former Shirley town administrator told police he tucked his homemade spy device in a vent above a ladies room stall in Town Hall.

Then there was the digital recorder hidden in a potted plant on his female assistant's desk, a baby monitor stashed away in ceiling tiles and hundreds of photos taken in the area of Keady's office without anyone knowing.

His arrest, and the controversy that has roiled Shirley's close-knit community of 6,300, has also sparked questions about just how far a boss can go to monitor employees. Read more ›

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