Banning Social Networks At Work: Exercise in Futility

Friday, June 25, 2010 No Comments

This article we found highlights a security firm’s summit, where they stated clearly that banning social media is an exercise in futility. They also said that productivity and keeping people off social networks should not be an IT concern, rather a boss’s problem and an issue of clear guidelines and expectations.

Agreed. And The Office Software comes in handy for just that. Rather than totally blocking social networks, you can allow your employees to use them – but if they start to abuse the privilege, you will see it and can hold them accountable…

22 Jun 2010
Companies shouldn't bother banning Facebook, social networking
By Eric Parizo, Senior Site Editor,

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – According to a Gartner Inc. social media security expert, banning Facebook, and other social networking services like LinkedIn and Twitter, is an exercise in futility. To boot, securing social media in the enterprise is not a responsibility that should fall to information security teams. Read more ›

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