A Facebook-Free Workplace? Curbing Cyberslacking

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 No Comments

We found this article from last week that revisits the employer question: do I allow my employees on Facebook at work? If you have a tool like The Office Software (theOS) in place, you can allow access and curb abuse at the same time – thus finding the all-elusive “happy middle ground” the article talks about… Check it out and then ask us how theOS can work for you!

May 20, 2010
A Facebook-Free Workplace? Curbing Cyberslacking
By Sarah E. Needleman, Wall Street Journal Blogs

What do ABC's "Lost," the World Cup and Playboy share in common? They all have the potential to put a big dent in small businesses' production flow these next few weeks, as each has something new to tempt employees who work online.

The TV series "Lost" ends May 23, giving viewers much to chat about on fan sites in the days leading up to and after it airs. And starting June 11, the 2010 World Cup, which takes place in Africa this year, will be live during office hours in the U.S. Sports lovers may be inclined to frequently check sports sites for score updates. Read more ›

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