Supreme Court takes up 'sexting' privacy case

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 No Comments

Supreme Court takes up 'sexting' privacy case --
We got wind of this story before, but didn’t post it quite yet – as the controversy here is over ‘sexting’ that occurred on company cell phones – NOT computers. However, this case has now gone all the way to the Supreme Court and may very well impact an employers ability to monitor ALL forms of communication via company-owned electronic devices with tools like The Offiice Software (theOS).

April 19, 2010
Supreme Court takes up 'sexting' privacy case
By Warren Richey, Staff writer Christian Science Monitor

Washington - The US Supreme Court on Monday took up a case testing whether a police officer who used his department-issued pager to transmit and receive sexually explicit messages had a reasonable expectation of privacy that the messages would not be viewed by police officials.

The case is being closely watched because it could establish new constitutional ground rules for when personal text messages, emails, and other communications in the workplace are entitled to Fourth Amendment privacy protections. Read more ›

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