Social Media At Work -- Bane Or Boon?

Thursday, March 25, 2010 No Comments

We found this very cool article from (on that looks at the pros and cons of social networking at work. While it can be a positive thing, and certainly companies are trying to use it to their advantage in their own brand building, it is probably the thing that can be most easily abused (the privilege to visit MySpace, Facebook, Twitter et. al. at work). That's why employers need tools like The Office Software in place - to prevent abuse and keep distractions at a minimum. Check out the article…

Social Media at Work -- Bane or Boon?
By Anthony Balderrama,

Social media are, by definition, supposed to be a social experience. Make a profile and start connecting. Reach out to friends, old and new. Post a profile picture, and while you're at it upload a photo album of your trip to Greece so others can see and comment.

When you're done with that, look at your friends' profiles and see what they're up to. Oh, a friend just logged in, too, so now you can chat.

What, it's been two hours since you logged on? How did the time pass so quickly? You should get back to work. Read more ›

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