Privacy at Work – Lost on Both Sides

Thursday, March 18, 2010 No Comments

We found this very interesting article from Human Resource Executive ONLINE that looks at an employer’s loss of privacy at work. Productivity tools like The Office Software could help in any cases where employees and employers need to slug it out in court.

Privacy at Work
While the expectation of privacy in the workplace has all but vanished for American employees, advancements in cell-phone and video technology mean employers should no longer expect privacy at work either. HR leaders should instruct managers to behave as if their conversations could come back to haunt them as recordings at any time.
-- By Michael O'Brien, Human Resource Executive ONLINE

The case, in and of itself, is not atypical for the discrimination arena: a pregnant bartender at a New York strip club is demoted from front-line duty because her boss thinks her condition is negatively affecting his club's bottom line.

What is intriguing about the case is the fact that Jennifer Paviglianiti, the bartender at Café Royale, activated a tape recorder in her purse to secretly -- yet legally -- record her manager as he made such claims.
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