Pandora Corp. To Business Owners: Don’t Fight the “Madness”

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Pandora Corp. To Business Owners: Don’t Fight the “Madness”
Nearly $2 Billion is expected to be lost in worker productivity during March Madness. But Pandora Corp., makers of The Office Software (theOS), says it might be okay. Co-founder Manuel Coats explains…

A recent study predicts employers will lose about $1.8 Billion from March Madness this year. With at least 58 million employees holding their brackets with fingers crossed, many are sure to spend time during the workday checking highlight reels, news updates, social network pages or even watching full games online.

But is that such a bad thing?

“There are a couple of other elements we should consider,” says Pandora Corp. co-founder Manuel Coats. “For starters, because this is such a highly anticipated event in the sporting world, it often brings excitement to the office and breeds a positive environment.”

Another recent survey found that 41% of managers feel March Madness does indeed bring a positive atmosphere to the office. Another 22% say it actually increases productivity. Given those numbers, employers may want to re-write their Acceptable Internet Use policies for March and April every year.

“We feel that allowing March Madness participation in the office can definitely be a good thing,” explains Coats. “But managers and business owners should have the tools in place to prevent rampant abuse of the courtesy extended during the tournament.”

The Office Software is a multi-functional office productivity tool designed to help managers of small and medium-sized business achieve increased productivity and enhanced security. The program allows managers to analyze activities performed by employees by tracking computer usage at a group and/or an individual level, cross-reference activities reported by an employee, and access an employee’s desktop in real-time. TheOS also has the ability to block websites and mark others as “timewasters” to help manage time spent on non-work-related websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

The Office Software will let you know if some employees are taking the ‘Madness’ a little too far,” says Coats. “If someone is spending all day on nothing but basketball-related websites, or even sucking up the company’s bandwidth with constant streaming video, theOS is going to let you know.”

And one more thing Coats suggests: “You can be certain that many managers and business owners also have money riding on the games. TheOS could even help to prevent some mid-tournament cheating by your employees.”

For more information on how The Office Software can help prevent March Madness overload in your workplace, visit

System Requirements:
The Office Software requires Windows Vista, Windows XP or above; Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework (available with theOS installer). an Intel or AMD processor running at 1GHz or faster (dual core recommended for Dashboard); 512M RAM for Agent, 1GB RAM for Dashboard; 40MB of HDD space for the installation; 10M - 15M of hard disk space for a typical day of recording; an Internet Connection (dial-up modem, cable modem or DSL) for program registration; Administrative or Power User access rights to install the software. Agent (employee) computers require a LAN connection to the Manager computer.

About Pandora Corp.:Formed in 2005, Pandora Corporation has one goal - to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families, their businesses and themselves online. Pandora Corporation's flagship PC Pandora monitoring software is an essential tool that helps parents keep their children safe from predators and cyberbullies, while shielding them from potentially harmful or mature content. Pandora Recovery is a free data recovery tool that allows users to recovery lost and deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted drives. The newest product, The Office Software (theOS), allows employers to monitor employee computer and internet activity, thereby increasing productivity and protecting company assets.

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