MARCH MADNESS – How is it hitting your business?

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MARCH MADNESS – How is it hitting your business?
Brackets brackets brackets! They are once again flooding the workplace and consuming company time… But productivity tools like The Office Software can keep the “madness” in check.

Mar 16, 2010
High workplace cost of March Madness
Figure a $1.8 billion in diminished productivity
By Diego Vasquez, MediaLife Magazine

If you're surreptitiously filling out your March Madness bracket while you should be doing something else at work, you're not alone. This year's NCAA men's basketball tournament will cost U.S. companies $1.8 billion in productivity, according to a study by Chicago outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. One major culprit will be March Madness on Demand, CBS's online streaming video player that carries every game, including the first-round games that tip off just after noon on Thursday and Friday, right in the heart of the work day. That sucks employees' attention away from their work, but it also costs employers by sucking up bandwidth, too, slowing down office-wide email and internet surfing. NCAA fans also waste time filling out brackets, going online to see how their teams did, and even calling in sick when they absolutely must watch a game. Short of unplugging the web or monitoring employees on a minute-by-minute basis, there's little companies can do to combat this time drain. In fact, John Challenger, chief executive officer at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, says companies would be wise to embrace it. He talks to Media Life about how he arrived at the $1.8 billion mark, why March Madness poses such a threat to productivity, and how the tourney can actually lift office morale.
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