Social media going corporate; What that means for Internet use in the workplace...

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A very interesting article from The San Francisco Chronicle in November looks at how social networking is enhancing the corporate world. We are a great example, as we use blogs, Facebook and sometimes Twitter…

But what happens when the idea of using social media gets abused…? 15 years ago everyone said, “oh wow, let’s use the Internet to help our business,” and it was so, and it got abused. Think the same won’t happen for social networks?

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November 7, 2009
Social media going corporate
Benny Evangelista, Chronicle Staff Writer
At a conference last month in San Francisco, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts credited an employee's use of Twitter with helping to change the cable giant's corporate culture toward customer service.
Yet a recent survey of corporate technology executives by Robert Half Technology of Menlo Park found that 54 percent of companies prohibit employees from using social-media sites while on the job.
Experts say those companies could stifle the creativity of employees who are using Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites to help their companies.

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