Cyberslacking is International

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 No Comments

This great article from Digital Moses Confidential highlights a study from across the Atlantic showing that social networking on the job is costing UK businesses over $2 billion! The Office Software can work anywhere there is an office using PCs!

Twitter and Social Networks Cost UK Businesses $2.25 Billion
by Jason Hahn

Morse, an IT services and technology company based in the U.K., recently found that the use of Twitter and other social networks by employees while at work is costing businesses in the country a pretty penny to the tune of £1.38 billion, or $2.25 billion, each year in lost productivity.

Of the 1,460 office workers surveyed for the research study, which was conducted by TNS, 57 percent said they used social networking sites during the work day for personal use, with the average time spent on these sites at 40 minutes each week. Morse handles the math and notes that this is equivalent to a little under a full work week being spent each year by every employee who dwells on social networking sites at their offices.
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